25th of August 1986

The first CORAIL stem was implanted by Dr Alain Machenaud.

One of the original ARTRO Group members

Born in 1942 in Annecy, France, Dr Alain Machenaud completed his orthopaedic training in Lyon with Professors Albert Trillat and Georges de Mourgues. During this period Dr Machenaud had a passion for biomechanics and won the prize Antonin Poncet of experimental surgery in 1972. In July, 1974, he created the Orthopaedics Department of the clinic in Argonay.

In July 1986 he established the first CORAIL implant in Madam V, a patient with osteoporotic bone of 50 years.

This very first CORAIL stem patient was then a very active woman - a keen alpine skier and mountaineer. In August 1986, she suffered a fractured neck of femur after a mountain accident. She was operated on at the Clinique d’Argonnay, Annecy, by DrMachenaud of the ARTRO Group. Although this patient has been reoperated for acetabular wear, she was able to participate in winter sports with family and friends for over 20 years. She still has the same original stem over 29 years later!


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