Neck Geometry Options


CORAIL® Standard Collarless KS Stem and Collared KA Stem options enable femoral offset restoration and soft-tissue tensioning.


High Offset KHO collared and collarless options adds 7 mm of direct lateralisation to restore hip biomechanics in a wider range of patients.


COXA VARA High Offset Stem KLA collared neck option offers an increased offset and varus neck angle for femoral restoration and proper soft-tissue tensioning of varus angles patients.


CORAIL 125° Standard, designed for smaller patient anatomy, reduces leg length by 5 mm compared to standard neck.


The 135° Short Neck reduces offset by 5 mm allowing the restoration of hip biomechanics in a wider range of patients.

Collared stems are available in all neck options to assist controlling subsidence and add rotational stability in patients with osteopenic bone.

CORAIL Portfolio at a Glance

135° Low Offset SN 135° Standard Offset KS/KA 135° High Offset KHO 125° Standard Offset 125° High Offset KLA
Size Collarless Collared Collarless Collared Collarless Collared Collarless Collared Collared
6 L20106 L20008
8 L981308 L971308 3L92507 3L92498 L981208 L971208
9 L981309 L971309 3L92509 3L92499 L20309 L971109 L981209 L971209 3L93709
10 L981310 L971310 3L92510 3L92500 L20310 L971110 L981210 L971210 3L93710
11 L971311 3L92511 3L92501 L20311 L971111 L971211 3L93711
12 L971312 3L92512 3L92502 L20312 L971112 L971212 3L93712
13 L971313 3L92513 3L92503 L20313 L971113 L971213 3L93713
14 L971314 3L92514 3L92504 L20314 L971114 L971214 3L93714
15 3L92515 3L92505 L20315 L971115 3L93715
16 3L92516 3L92506 L20316 L971116 3L93716
18 3L92518 3L92508 L20318 L971118 3L93718
20 3L92520 3L92521 L20320 L971120 3L93720

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